October 2021

Holding conversations

The more dialogue-related work I do, the greater my appreciation for the connection between the outcome of a conversation and the climate within which it’s held. What I mean by outcome is more than the immediate upshot – it includes how the conversation impacts relationships and the bigger system. Climate is harder to articulate. It’s […]

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What is changing?

When coaching clients review our work, I ask them what is changing in: their perceptions, thinking and actions? their relationships and conversations? their impact in their system? The inquiry is deliberately wide-ranging. The purpose is to invite clients to take stock and to explore their evolution in the context of coaching, whilst taking into account

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Landscape of loss

Transitioning into 2021, I’m thoughtful about loss. In a Christmas letter to friends, I wrote that the very fabric of my life was dismantled in 2020. I know I’m not alone in this and share the following reflections in case they’re relevant to others.   Fabric offers a rich metaphor. The structure of (traditional) cloth

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Eye of the storm

My friend and companion-in-practice, Steve Marshall, has been a thread of support and challenge from the very beginnings of my work as an independent practitioner. Though we are dissimilar in nature and have followed different paths in our practice, we are sometimes attuned in reading what is unfolding and considering how to respond. I have

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