Fallen trees


The morning after storm Corrie passed through, my neighbour went out for a run to examine the impact. Her verdict? Carnage. She’d used a similarly potent word after storm Arwen but on my usual walks after that weather event, I’d only been slightly hampered by occasionally having to clamber over or duck under a fallen

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What is changing?

When coaching clients review our work, I ask them what is changing in: their perceptions, thinking and actions? their relationships and conversations? their impact in their system? The inquiry is deliberately wide-ranging. The purpose is to invite clients to take stock and to explore their evolution in the context of coaching, whilst taking into account

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Landscape of loss

Transitioning into 2021, I’m thoughtful about loss. In a Christmas letter to friends, I wrote that the very fabric of my life was dismantled in 2020. I know I’m not alone in this and share the following reflections in case they’re relevant to others.   Fabric offers a rich metaphor. The structure of (traditional) cloth

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