Embodied practices

Somatic data, embodied action

Prompted by a conversation with Wendy Palmer a few years ago, I’ve been clarifying my understanding of the terms ‘somatic’ and ‘embodied’ and exploring the relationship between them. The words are sometimes used interchangeably – and I’ve blurred the distinctions myself. I’m a Leadership Embodiment (LE) teacher and use LE practices in all my work,

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Articulating intention

Three years ago, I temporarily stopped taking on new work. I was turning 60 and planned to go on retreat in January and February 2020. Whilst existing clients would readily accommodate this absence, it felt unfair to new clients to do a couple of sessions and then disappear. In addition, I wished create space to

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When describing resilience, I often draw on the example of trees. This is because my sense of this inner quality is an embodied one – in terms of both what it means and how it might be fostered. When an object (or human being) is bent out of shape by adverse events, resilience is the

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