Embodied practices

Moving towards dialogue

I’m always searching for persuasive ways to convey the potential of dialogue practices in changing our everyday conversations. While I know, as an experience, the distinctive feel of a conversation shaped by the principles and practices of dialogue, I find it difficult to put into words. Others struggle too. Clients say they handle their important […]

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Paved with good intentions

Most leadership is enacted through the medium of conversation – whether meetings, presentations or one-to-ones. Yet many of us don’t pay attention to the ‘how’ of our conversations – we focus on the ‘what’. We don’t consider how we’ll create the conditions for exchanges that generate both good outcomes and greater rapport and confidence amongst

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Eye of the storm

My friend and companion-in-practice, Steve Marshall, has been a thread of support and challenge from the very beginnings of my work as an independent practitioner. Though we are dissimilar in nature and have followed different paths in our practice, we are sometimes attuned in reading what is unfolding and considering how to respond. I have

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