Paved with good intentions

Most leadership is enacted through the medium of conversation – whether meetings, presentations or one-to-ones. Yet many of us don’t pay attention to the ‘how’ of our conversations – we focus on the ‘what’. We don’t consider how we’ll create the conditions for exchanges that generate both good outcomes and greater rapport and confidence amongst […]

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To see or not to see?

On a personal level, I find visual-virtual very difficult. Two or three years ago, I spent eighteen months exploring this issue and trying to acclimatise to using video interfaces. The inquiry led me to conclude that I’m less able to do good work in this medium. Since then, whenever I’ve been asked to use Zoom,

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Holding conversations

The more dialogue-related work I do, the greater my appreciation for the connection between the outcome of a conversation and the climate within which it’s held. What I mean by outcome is more than the immediate upshot – it includes how the conversation impacts relationships and the bigger system. Climate is harder to articulate. It’s

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