When describing resilience, I often draw on the example of trees. This is because my sense of this inner quality is an embodied one – in terms of both what it means and how it might be fostered. When an object (or human being) is bent out of shape by adverse events, resilience is the […]

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In a recent conversation about the painful consequences of certain actions, the word redemption popped into my mind. It’s not part of my everyday vocabulary and so it appeared without the textured understanding that comes from familiarity and regular use. I tentatively offered the word to my friend, leading us to explore its meaning. My

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Paved with good intentions

Most leadership is enacted through the medium of conversation – whether meetings, presentations or one-to-ones. Yet many of us don’t pay attention to the ‘how’ of our conversations – we focus on the ‘what’. We don’t consider how we’ll create the conditions for exchanges that generate both good outcomes and greater rapport and confidence amongst

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